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Open Access allows the use of posted scientific publications on the Internet without technical or legal restrictions under copyright law or under an unrestricted Creative Commons free licence. Open Access implies the possibility of open repositories, with access for any interested user, and peer-reviewed Open Access journals. In the interest of ensuring the highest standards in science and upholding the observance of good practice in the conduct and dissemination of scientific research results in line with the 2018 guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (now MEiN) on the directions of development of open access to publications and scientific research results in Poland, the Institute of Scientific Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (jointly with the University of Warsaw, co-owner of the annual “Napis. Pismo poświęcone literaturze okolicznościowej i użytkowej” [Inscription. Periodical on Occasional and Applied Literature]) accepted the online publishing policy document.

Established in 2010, The Digital Repository of the Scientific Institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences (RCIN) supports the publication in open access (Open Access model using the Creative Commons licence) of scientific works also by PT Authors of the scientific yearbook “Napis”, which serves wide sharing of research results.

Articles published in our journal are licensed under CC BY-NC. All the articles are permanently archived in RCIN.

Taking into account the best practices in line with the open access policy, the Institute of Literary Research PAS (including the Institute’s Publishing House and journals, and those affiliated to the Institute) published on 1 February 2021 the document of the Institute’s policy of open access to scientific publications together with research data (see PDF file on the IBL PAN website).

Order No. 1/2021 of the Director of The Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences of 1 February 2021 on the Open Access Policy of the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Information about the IBL PAN Policy is available in the international repository of openness policies The Registry of Open Access Repositories Mandatory Archiving Policies.

Open Access, CC BY-NC