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“Inscription” XXIX (2023)


The topic of the planned issue will be photography in dialogue with the text – the evolution of the attitude towards photography and ways of using it (from the 19th century understanding as a documentary medium, treating “an image as a proof of truth”, to today’s aesthetic, artistic and creative values in this field of art, also by showing the role of iconographic texts of culture and their impact on the lives of authors, entities / objects and recipients, as well as various possibilities of interpretation), complicated history and transformations of relations between photography (or painting, drawing, etc.) and the concepts of “truth of facts”, “photographic realism”, “reflection of reality”.

We would also like to raise the issue of using photography as a message with an open or hidden advertising or propaganda purpose. We also want to show the role of images (of different countries, continents or planets) in the geographical and cultural “taming of the difference”, as well as photography as a symbolic record of a journey, a sign of tourism, conquest and subordination (albums, bedeckers, postcards, reportages, photographic reports – also in the form of websites or blogs).