“Inscription” XXIII (2017)

Letter as a specific literary genre

Letter is a genre of occasional and applied literature which characteristic feature is its great variety. It can be a biographical document but also a para-literary or literary fictional letter. Formerly in literature a letter of a writer was frequently addressed to a wider audience and intended to be read aloud. Therefore, an authentic letter could deliberately have a component of creativity and could not only be a personal document but also a literary work. A variety of works was published in a form of a letter where definitely personal engagement can be observed, not only understood as a presence of biographical elements.

The monographic issue of “Inscription” XXIII devoted to letter will raise a variety of issues important for interpretation and editing of letters:

  • letter as a biographical and historical document, a source of information about the sender and addressee / addressees (specific environment: literary, socio-political and cultural of a given period of time);
  • letter as a communication category between a sender and an addressee (letters to oneself, open letters, intimate letters and boundaries so as not to overstep the privacy of the author, letter in the context of reading aloud tradition);
  • challenges and possibilities of digital editing of correspondence (new perspectives for arrangements – sorting into groups according to themes, chronology, persons, dialogicality).